LEGO Hedwig Review (Set 75979)

A Magical Arrival: My Experience with LEGO Harry Potter Hedwig Set 75979

As a lifelong Harry Potter fan and LEGO enthusiast, the day the LEGO Harry Potter Hedwig set (75979) arrived at my doorstep was filled with excitement and nostalgia. The thought of recreating one of the most beloved characters from the Harry Potter series – Hedwig, the loyal snowy owl – in LEGO form was irresistible. I had ordered the set online as soon as it was announced, eagerly anticipating the joy of adding it to my growing collection of Harry Potter LEGO sets.

Unboxing Hedwig: Set Details and Specifications

Upon unboxing, the LEGO Harry Potter Hedwig set did not disappoint. Priced within a reasonable range, the set consists of 630 pieces, a testament to its detailed and intricate design. It beautifully captures the elegance of Hedwig, complete with movable wings. The set also includes a smaller, yet equally detailed, Harry Potter minifigure, and a mini Hedwig to add to the charm. The information plaque included adds a museum-like quality to the display, making it a perfect piece for both play and showcase.

The Building Experience: Bringing Hedwig to Life

Assembling the LEGO Harry Potter Hedwig set was a delightful experience. The build was moderately challenging, offering both the satisfaction of complexity and the accessibility for younger LEGO builders or those newer to the hobby. The mechanics of the movable wings were particularly fascinating – a clever design that brings the model to life. The stand and the display plaque with Harry Potter’s name and Hedwig’s information are thoughtful additions that enhance its display value.

Attention to Detail: A Closer Look

LEGO’s attention to detail in this set is remarkable. The color scheme perfectly captures the snowy white plumage of Hedwig, with touches of gray and black, mirroring her appearance in the movies. The design of the wings, when extended, displays a realistic portrayal of an owl in flight. The inclusion of Harry’s iconic letter, clutched in Hedwig’s beak, is a nostalgic nod to the first Harry Potter film and adds a layer of storytelling to the model. This set is not just a build; it’s a piece of the Harry Potter universe brought to life.

Pros and Cons of the LEGO Hedwig Set

Every LEGO set has its strengths and weaknesses, and the LEGO Harry Potter Hedwig set is no exception.


  • Highly detailed and accurate portrayal of Hedwig.
  • Movable wings add a dynamic and interactive element to the display.
  • Includes a Harry Potter minifigure and a smaller Hedwig for added play value.
  • Perfect for both display and interactive play, appealing to collectors and young fans alike.


  • The moderately challenging build might be slightly difficult for very young builders.
  • The set is primarily a display piece, which may limit its appeal to those looking for more play features.
  • Due to its specific nature, it might not integrate as seamlessly with other Harry Potter LEGO sets.

Final Verdict: A Must-Have for Potterheads and LEGO Fans

In conclusion, the LEGO Harry Potter Hedwig set (75979) is a beautifully crafted model that captures the essence of Hedwig, making it a must-have for Harry Potter fans and LEGO collectors. Its blend of aesthetic appeal and interactive features offers a rewarding building experience and a charming display piece. The set strikes a perfect balance between being a collector’s item and a playful model, making it a fantastic addition to any Harry Potter LEGO collection. Whether you’re a fan of the series, a LEGO enthusiast, or both, this set is sure to bring a touch of magic to your collection.