LEGO Harry Potter's Rise of Voldemort Review (Set 75965)

A Dark Addition to My Collection

Hello, wizards and Muggles alike! It’s Naum Nersesov from Harry Potter LEGO Sets, and today I’m sharing my eerie yet exciting experience with the LEGO Harry Potter Rise of Voldemort (Set 75965). I remember the chill down my spine when I first saw this set; it was displayed in a dim corner of my local LEGO store, almost as if it was hiding its dark magic. As a Harry Potter enthusiast and a collector of all things LEGO, I knew I had to have it. The moment I purchased it, I felt like I was carrying a piece of the dark arts back home, ready to unveil the mystery brick by brick.

Unveiling the Dark Lord: Technical Specs

The Rise of Voldemort set is a chilling representation of one of the most pivotal scenes in the Harry Potter series. It’s reasonably priced, making it accessible to a wide range of fans and collectors. The set includes a surprising number of elements, considering its compact size, allowing for a detailed recreation of the graveyard scene where the Dark Lord returns. It comes with minifigures of Harry Potter, Voldemort, a Death Eater, and Peter Pettigrew, each capturing the intense emotion of the moment. The Voldemort LEGO figure is particularly striking, with his sinister features and dark robes.

Building the Moment of Return

Constructing the set was like reliving the moment from “The Goblet of Fire” where Voldemort regains his form. Each piece added to the eerie atmosphere, from the ancient tombstone to the sinister cauldron. The set is cleverly designed to transform, mimicking the horrific transformation that takes place in the story. As I placed each minifigure, I could almost hear the cold, high-pitched voice of Voldemort echoing around me. It’s a smaller set, but the level of detail and the thought put into its play features made the building experience intensely immersive.

A Scene of Dark Magic

Once built, the set serves as a hauntingly beautiful display piece. It’s as if you’ve captured a critical moment in wizarding history and frozen it in time. The way the figures can be positioned around the scene allows for dynamic reenactments or display setups. It’s a grim reminder of the dark forces at play in the Harry Potter universe, but also a testament to the intricate storytelling and character development that the series is known for. This set invites you to explore the darker side of magic, all within the safety of your home.

Pros and Cons: The Duality of Dark Magic

While the Rise of Voldemort set is a captivating addition to any collection, let’s consider its enchanting qualities and potential dark curses.


Detailed Design: The set captures the eerie atmosphere of Voldemort’s return with impressive detail.
Dynamic Transformation: The transforming feature of the tombstone and cauldron adds an interactive element to the set.
Collectible Minifigures: The inclusion of key characters, especially the Voldemort LEGO figure, is a treat for collectors and fans.
Affordable Price: Its reasonable price makes it an accessible piece of the Harry Potter LEGO world.


Size: Some builders might prefer a larger, more expansive set to fully depict the scene’s gravity.
Dark Theme: The set’s dark theme, while accurate to the series, might not be to everyone’s taste.
Complexity: While generally straightforward, younger builders might find some of the transformation features a bit tricky.

Conclusion: A Spellbinding Dark Artifact

In conclusion, the LEGO Harry Potter Rise of Voldemort (Set 75965) is a small set that packs a powerful punch. It’s a dark gem in the Harry Potter LEGO series, offering a detailed and interactive building experience. While it may not be the largest or the most cheerful set, its significance and execution make it a must-have for fans and collectors. As I placed it among my other Harry Potter sets, it stood out as a stark reminder of the series’ depth and the enduring battle between light and dark. This set is not just a collection of bricks; it’s a piece of the story that continues to captivate us all. Whether you’re a fan of the Dark Arts or a champion of the light, the Rise of Voldemort is an unforgettable addition to any magical collection.