Harry Potter LEGO Book Sets A Deep Review

Introduction to Magical Tomes

On a quest for the latest addition to my Harry Potter collection, I stumbled upon the Harry Potter LEGO book sets, a series of magical volumes that open up to reveal intricately designed Hogwarts classrooms. Each book is a collector’s item, a piece of the wizarding world that brings the magic of Harry Potter into your hands. As a long-time enthusiast of both LEGO and Harry Potter, I knew these sets would be a special part of my collection, offering a unique building experience filled with nostalgia and charm.

Transfiguration Class: The Art of Metamorphosis (Set 76382)

The Transfiguration class set captures the essence of Professor McGonagall’s strict yet fascinating classroom. Opening the cover reveals a detailed scene of the Transfiguration classroom, complete with desks, a blackboard, and even a chest containing a boggart. The minifigures include Professor McGonagall, Ron Weasley, and Hermione Granger, each with their own accessories to bring the class to life. Building this set is like attending a lesson in Transfiguration, complete with the surprises and challenges that come with mastering the art of changing one thing into another.

Potions Class: A Cauldron Full of Secrets (Set 76383)

Descending into the dungeons, the Potions class set unfolds to reveal the shadowy world of potion-making. The walls are lined with shelves of ingredients and potion bottles, and a cauldron sits ready for the day’s lesson. This set features Professor Snape looming over Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy as they attempt to brew their potions. The attention to detail in the potions, cauldrons, and classroom accessories makes this set a captivating build, offering a glimpse into the meticulous and often perilous world of potion-making.

Lego Harry Potter Potions Classroom Review ( 76383 )

Herbology Class: Cultivating Wonder (Set 76384)

Step into the Hogwarts greenhouses with the Herbology class set. As you open the book, you’re greeted with a lush scene filled with planters, greenery, and the tools of the Herbology trade. The minifigures include Professor Sprout, Cedric Diggory, and Neville Longbottom, complete with earmuffs for handling the noisy Mandrakes. This set is not just a build; it’s an exploration of the magical flora that plays such a crucial role in the Harry Potter series, from the life-saving properties of certain plants to the dangers lurking in the pots.
Lego Harry Potter Herbology Class Review ( 76384 )

Charms Class: The Spellbinding Study (Set 76385)

The Charms class set invites you into Professor Flitwick’s lesson on levitation. The book opens to a classroom scene with floating feathers and an array of charm-work accessories. The set includes minifigures of Professor Flitwick, Harry Potter, and Cho Chang, each engaged in practicing their levitation spells. The interactive elements, like the feathers that can be made to “float,” bring a dynamic aspect to this build, making it a playful and engaging set for fans of all ages.
LEGO Harry Potter Charms Class – Review (76385)

Pros of the Harry Potter LEGO Book Sets

The Harry Potter LEGO book sets are a testament to LEGO’s creativity and commitment to detail. Each set offers a unique building experience, with intricate details that capture the essence of the Hogwarts classes. They are compact and portable, making them perfect for display or play. The inclusion of beloved characters as minifigures adds to the storytelling potential, allowing fans to recreate their favorite scenes or imagine new ones.

Cons of the Harry Potter LEGO Book Sets

While the sets are beautifully designed, their compact nature means they are somewhat limited in scale and scope. The smaller size might leave some builders wanting more. Additionally, to fully experience the Hogwarts curriculum, enthusiasts may feel compelled to collect all the sets, which can be a considerable investment.

Conclusion: A Magical Addition to Any Collection

The Harry Potter LEGO book sets are more than just building kits; they are a gateway to the magical world of Hogwarts. Each set offers a unique glimpse into the life and lessons of a Hogwarts student, with the charm and detail that fans have come to expect from LEGO. As I placed the final piece on my Charms class set, I couldn’t help but feel a wave of nostalgia and delight. These sets are a must-have for any Harry Potter fan, offering not just a fun building experience but a piece of the magic that has captivated us for so long. Whether displayed on a shelf or played with in imaginative reenactments, these enchanted volumes are a spellbinding addition to any collection.